Elle is a spoiled southern belle who at first glance has it all, but isn’t satisfied. A life changing diagnosis and a divorce, see her back home with her mom and dad. Life seems to be looking up for Elle when she meets Cass, a southern charmer who sweeps her off her feet and becomes pregnant soon after they start the relationship. Cass is not who he seems, a violent sociopath, he mimics emotions and brutally abuses Elle, emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually. Elle creates a world of necessity in her mind to escape the onslaught of the violence that mirrors a fairy tale.
Elle finds the strength within herself to leave after her daughter is born and thinks she has escaped the violence with a new relationship, but Cass has other plans, he will never let go of what he thinks is his.

TWISTED CROWN is based on the book by author Erica DuBois. TWISTED CROWN is currently in pre-production.