The Zankli Saga Continues

Ms. Duffy has crafted a world that transports the reader to another time and place allowing each individual to tap into a world of endless possibilities filled with passion. Succinctly quoted by actor Jonathan Reiger, “ M.J. Duffy has crafted a page-turning tale of global intrigue, love, and a hidden spiritual power facing off against some of the darkest forces our world can conjure. From the heights of one of the most successful cosmetic companies in the world to the dark alleyways of forced prostitution, we are hurled into a dark and thrilling ride where betrayal is lurking behind any door yet love and sexual fulfillment hold a power stronger than anything we have ever imagined”.

About MJ.Duffy

MJ Duffy, aka Dr. Melba Carter, is an entrepreneur, credentialed educator, community advocate, and gifted author of the Zankli Chronicles, a paranormal series, as well as Aging Fantastically, a personal development book, and journal. After graduating from UCLA, she began working in marketing and spent many years as a producer of fundraising projects and programs. In 1993, she founded JOBS Training & Placement, and in 2009, Dr. Carter was presented with a Supplier of the Year Award from the Southern California Minority Business Development Council for the development of career and personal development workshops and seminars. (Her clients included Kaiser Permanente, The Staples Center, Anshultz Entertainment, Shell Oil, and Los Angeles Unified School District). That same year her company was honored by the National Minority Business Development Council with a Class 1 Supplier Award in Miami, Florida. JOBS Training & Placement beat out 15,000 other business candidates for this honor. Today, Dr. Carter is busy writing literature and promoting adult and childhood literacy. Says Dr. Carter, I am committed to improving the quality of opportunities” for youth and families in urban communities.

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